Spouse Fights Affect Health?

I know that domestic fights are normal to a certain extent, but
how much of them can affect one’s health?


  • It’s only natural to get angry with your spouse at times. But how you deal with conflict can affect your health, even how long you live. Researchers at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health came to that conclusion after follow-up of 192
    couples over more than 17 years.

    To assess the effect of conflict on health, they compared three groups of couples: Those in which both partners communicated their anger, those in which one or the other partner suppressed his or her anger and those in which both partners suppressed his or her anger and those in which both partners just held it in and fumed silently. Their findings: Couples in which both spouses suppressed their anger died two times earlier than the other couples.

    How do festering feelings harm your health? If you are attacked in a way you perceive as unfair and keep it to yourself, then every time you think about that injustice, you feel angry again. We believe that it can influence heart and bronchial conditions. Over time, that adds up to long-term damage that can shorten your life.

    Expressing your anger and then resolving the conflict is a better way to fight and live to tell about it. The bottom line is to
    listen to what your partner is saying, keep the tone down, and try to come to a consensus or compromise.

  • ♥Rose♥

    They can greatly affect your health. Stress can cause all sorts of physical and emotional distress.

  • Dave S

    fights?!?! fighting like hitting and kicking? thats abuse. i wouldn’t even befriend someone who did that to me (if i was a girl) that can cause physical damage as well as severe mental damage, i would seek counseling for yourself alone (not relationship counseling it wont work if you two are abusing eachother)

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