Question about my cholesterol test results?

I had my cholesterol tested this past week and was wondering if the values were normal ?

lipoprotein, beta, serum, point, quantitative, calculated (LDL) 61 mg/dL
cholesterol/HDL ratio, serum 1.9 ratio units
very low density lipoproteins 12 mg/dL
HDL cholesterol, serum 84 mg/dL
triglyceride, serum, random 62 mg/dL
Total cholesterol, serum 157 mg/dL
I’m a 20 year old male


  • tibf2001

    I don’t know your age and sex. but as an average total cholesterol below 200 mg/dl is desirable.and near 200 is on borderline.although what is more important is the ratio of Cholesterol to HDL.the less the better. it means that if you have a high total cholesterol but the major part is HDL you are healthy.i think your cholesterol is normal and it seems that you do exercise regularly or you are a professional athlete .but you must ask the final comments from a physician anyhow.
    you need not to worry at can study to learn more about your body but keep it in your mind that your knowledge never replaces the opinion of your doctor

  • Jim 06460389

    go to the URL below and read and learn about cholesterol there are about 10 pages of info. GO LEARN for your self 1st hand no !/16 of an answer like you got already its more complex then a one line answer

  • Alexina

    Your lab values are more or less within normal ranges. Since I don’t know your age and gender, I would recommend to you go to this site and personally type your values to see the results.

    Type the name of the test one by one in the search box and proceed.

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