Is Dual Action Cleanse bad for our health?

I bought it a year ago and I stopped because I wasn’t drinking water and exercising correctly and I want to start back because i spent over 200 dollars on it.

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  • Yes, it is "bad for your health". "Colon-cleansing" is an unnecessary, pointless and potentially injurious hoax. Your colon doesn’t need ‘detoxifying’. The only thing these products DO succeed in doing is very efficiently removing dollars from the pockets of the gullible!

    The ONLY appropriate use for colon cleansing is in preparation for a medical examination of the colon. "Cleansing" upsets fluid and electrolyte balance in your colon, and can be harmful by causing dehydration and salt depletion.

    Ask yourself how often "colon-cleansing" is undertaken by gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos, all of whom have very similar alimentary canals to your own?

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