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So im 14 and about 140 pounds … I was wondering i get about 8 hours of sleep and i dont eat breakfast well for one i am like always hungry i eat meal after meaall … If i ate breakfast would it help my hunger issues? & 2. i am like always tired no matter how much i sleep im still tired? Is there anything i can do to make that better? and 3. Is there any way i can lose weight really? because i have gym and it doesnt seem to be doing much .. thanks guys 🙂

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  • ziggy

    Yes. Here’s what will help:
    1. You get 8 hours of sleep but it’s not enough. Get MORE sleep until you get enough. You’re growing and that means you need more so listen to your body and it can guide you to feel better. Also as you loose weight you’ll have a ton more energy. Boom, problem solved.
    2. Food. Eat only when you’re hungry. Start to think what your body wants you to put in it. Then think if there’s something healthier that could make you happy. Try not to eat at night. Go into bed earlier and see if you can sleep rather than eat at night. It’s much healthier for you and you’ll wake up feeling better. Begin to make subtle shifts in the foods you eat choosing healthier fresher (not canned, fast foods, frozen stuff). Eggs can help you, by the way. Also cereal.
    3. Before going to sleep drink a glass of water.
    4. When you get up drink a glass of water.
    It loves your body and is refreshing to it.
    Little by little you can make changes that will show up with restored health, energy and of course you’ll be looking good too.
    5. Walk. It’s the easiest exercise. Just keep going for walks. It really works.
    6. Yoga. Richard Hittleman’s "28 Day Yoga Plan" would be good for you. It will change your life and you’ll feel the results in the first week.
    Hope this helps.
    I wish you well.

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