Footie section favorite foods and drinks?plus FQ?

So Favorite dinner ? for me a stuffed crust meat feast pizza
Favorite desert/snack ? for me chocolate
Fave drink ? for me lucazade sport orange flavor.
Whats yours?

FQ – Who wont win the premiership next season?
kitty no deserts :0
ll – yep seen it many times love friends 🙂


  • Jaye Luvz ROONEY

    Favorite dinner ? Barbecued Snapper with mint leaves, shredded green onions and lime wedges, to serve with a dressing of garlic cloves, chopped ginger, chopped red and green capsicum, sprinkle of caster sugar, splash of fish sauce and lime juice…bl**dy delicious!!
    Failing that any Chicken dish sits well with me 🙂

    Favourite desert? Tiramisu
    Favourite Snack? Red Rock Deli..Honey n Soy Chips..terrible but true 🙂
    Favourite Drink ? Coke Zero and water..
    Beverage..Coffee..I love trying coffees from all over the world
    Alcoholic..Jack Daniels(on the occasions I do drink) 🙂

    FQ – Who wont win the premiership next season? Blackburn Rovers..?

  • þíиky ツツツ じò ぴé MufÇ

    fave dinner – noodles
    fave dessert – chocolate brownie with hot fudge!
    fave drink – lemonade

    FQ: LIVERPOOL is definitely in the list! lol

  • Ross - 10/14 Exams Completed

    Dinner : Medium Rare rib eye steak
    Dessert: Banoffee Pie
    Drink: Cherry coke, Red Bull

    FQ: Red Scousers

  • «»«»«»«»«»«» UWS «»«»«»«»«»«»

    Ice Cream

    FQ – Newcastle

    Oh I thought you said who WONT BE IN the premiership :/


    Favourite dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese
    Favourite desert/snack – chocolate
    Favourite drink – Sprite/7up

    Birmingham City will not win the English Premier League next season.

  • Zana the gummy bear♥

    Dinner? BBQ rice!
    Favorite desert/snack ? Chocolate…yumm! or angel fairy cakes.
    Fave drink? Orange juice =]

    FQ: Spurs

  • The grinch alias Kitty

    Favourite dinner : ham salad
    Favourite desert/snack : NA
    Favourite drink: Homemade orangeade

    FQ Manchester United

  • Arsenal obsessed

    Dinner – any pizza from pizza hut
    Dessert – Chocolate ice cream
    Drink – Rio

    Man Utd wont win Premiership next season(I hope)

  • telboy everton forever

    favourite dinner a nice Lamb roast veg and roast spuds

    Desert fresh fruit and cream

    drink pint of guiness

    liverpool will not win the prem next season

  • ManUtd 4 LYF!!

    Favourite Dinner- Rice with Curry
    Favourite Desert- Strawberry with melted chocolate
    Favourite Drink- Orangina!

    FQ- Liverpool.

  • Olivia

    Fav dinner: Vegetarian pizza.
    Fav desert: Cake. It’s like my kryptonite
    Fav drink: Apple tango.

    FQ – Man Utd.

  • Favourite dinner – lamb biryani
    Favourite dessert/snack – chocolate sponge with custard, victoria sponge with double cream, lemon meringue, jelly and custard and loads more:DD
    Fave drink – mineral water

    FQ – Man City:)

  • Lady Leftwing Gunner

    at the mo, a special little thing i make involving, rice, chicken, red onions, diced potato and sweet and sour sauce

    cheesecake (like the one on friends if u seen it when chandler and rachel eat it off the floor)

    wine/vodka & coke/ sainsbury diet classic cola/ rubicon guava

    fq – spurs!

  • G4L: wants rain (:

    Fave Dinner – grilled chicken (:

    desert/snack – pudding/popcorn

    Drink – Pepsi 😀

    FQ: Spurs

  • AgentPav!Time to score 20 goals

    Favorite dinner ? Erm Hmm.. Pelmeni 😀
    Snack: Caviar on a cracker *rolls eyes with delight*
    Desert: Austrian Torte
    Drink: emm Water LOL

    FQ: Arsenal

  • Roddenberry

    Dinner – Roast Duck with all the trimmings – mountain of veg, proper roasties etc.,

    Desert – New York style Vanilla Cheesecake.

    Drink – Gin & Tonic with a twist of lime, or Jack Daniels & Coke, can’t decide.

    FQ – Arsenal

  • BlitzWing: Decepticon

    Dinner: Them old school fried rice and chicken!
    Desert: I-SCREAM!

    FQ: Everton, Aston Villa, Man City! Oh yeah!


    dinner : roast potatoes
    desert : yogurt
    drink : white wine or bacardi

    FQ : Tottenham 😉

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