Cholesterol Question?

I am a 19 year old caucasion male, I weigh about 170 lbs and work out every once in a while. My cholesterol level is 225. What is a good way to lower cholesterol? What kinds of foods should I eat more of. Someone said fish helps, but I don’t eat fish. Any fruits, vegetables, ect? What types of foods are highest in cholesterol, so I can watch more carefully on what I eat? Thanks.
I donated blood a few weeks back. They sent a ‘mini physical’ in the mail, and it tells you what your level is.


  • nurse curtis

    Excellent question.

    First, you are 19. How do you know what your cholesterol number is? Was this a fasting reading or a spot check you can pick up at Osco.

    Second, when guys say they work out they usually men weight lifting. More often it is the aerobic exercise that is most beneficial in reducing total cholesterol since you use more muscles and it also improves the delivery system of oxygen and nutrients called the cardiovascular system.

    Third, cholesterol is a building block of other things such as muscle, hormones, enzymes and etc. Your body makes it anyway. Simply by not eating animal products (whole milk, meat, eggs and surface fish not bottom dwellers) will help reduce your total cholesterol.

    Fourth, genetics plays a big part as well. What are parents’ total cholesterol? Is there heart disease in your family?

    Sometimes diet and exercise just isn’t enough and you need to be medicated. Most importantly, see a medical provider regarding obtaining your total cholesterol. For an accurate result you need to have nothing to eat or drink for at least 12 hours.

    I hope this helps.

  • alainec_91

    Don’t you remember the commercial"HONEY NUT CHEERIOS AN HELP LOWER YOUR CHOLESTEROL"!!!!!!!!!

  • mnvikes8484

    eggs are very high in cholesterol. any kind of meat or dairy product has cholesterol (skim products have very little

  • nikky_c2000

    use low fat spreads, don’t eat loads of fast food, have loads of salads but treat yourself sometimes so that u don’t start craving and go on a binge

    look for food with the be good for you label on them and that say they will lower your cholesterol and talk to your dr he can help you to

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