Cholesterol problem?

Dear Friend, i have Cholesterol problem because of my food style, no way to avoid oil and fat food. When i visit Doctor he advice me to avoid junk food and oil foods, and he gave to me medicine after check up my ECG and Cholesterol report.

my Question is when i take that medicine continuously 7 times per month in 7 days my cholesterol come to normal, remaining 23 days I am not taking medicine. Next month when I go to cholesterol check up,if increases I take medicine again like this. If cholesterol normal I am not taking medicine.

I am taking medicine depends upon my cholesterol level. Not daily basis. If I take drug like this is any other problem will come or can I continue taking medicine like this, please advice to me

i cannot ask this question from my doctor beacuse i am living in other country i donot have his number.


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  • ausblue

    olive oil & canola oil & vegetable oil are the good oils they may make you fat but they are as i said the good oil!!
    your bad cholestrol comes from
    animal fats that is the bad fats butter cream cheese & you need to cut all fat off the meat & not eat it & take the skin off the cooked chicken as that is so high in bad fats & cook in the healthy oils like the ones i mentioned
    those cholestrol tablets & all medication can have serious side effects & you really need to ask another Dr!
    metamucil or psyllium husks are good ways to lower the cholestrol as well but i dont know how high yours is & im not a Dr & you should ask a Dr all about your tablets & good luck to you

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