cholesterol help?

im 19
5 11
and weigh about 140
and my cholesterol is 212
the doc said to switch to 1% milk and not to eat to much fast food
besides that what else can i do to get my cholesterol back down to a safe number and what is a safe number for me to be at thnx


  • Frogger Blogger

    First of all I’d ask the doc for a breakdown of good vs. bad cholesterol. Overall my cholesterol is high, but my doc says a lot of it is good cholesterol.

    A lot of people would tell you that there’s no such thing as too low of a cholesterol count, but this is incorrect. For starters, if you eliminated all cholesterol and fat from your diet, your body, which does produce cholesterol (which is why sometimes you just simply have high cholesterol due to genetics… shout out to my mother and grandmother!) will go into overdrive trying to produce the good cholesterol you need but not succeeding really.

    As you are a 19-year-old male, you need to not go below a certain level because cholesterol is necessary for long bone growth, and males tend to continue growing into their early twenties.

    So, other than what your doctor told you, I’d add exercise to the mix and possibly some over the counter Niacin. Careful with that, though. It can cause a flush, prickling sensation. Start small and build up to higher doses if you go that route. They now also have time-release Niacin, but it’s not as effective.

    You’d have to ask you doctor what would be a good number for you.

  • If you smoke, stop.

    Eat less animal meat.

    Talk to your doctor about Fish Oil capsules.

    Eat fresh garlic.



    Any number under 200 and cooked oatmeal eaten regularly will cut you level down by as much as 30%

  • MommyWommy

    Exercise will help lower your cholesterol.

    Also, avoid high-fat foods such as fatty red meats, butter, bacon, and whole dairy products (chesse, yogurt, sour cream). Use fat free versions as much as possible.

  • daisy

    Cholesterol should be less than 200. You can exercise, cardio-respiratory 2-3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. You can also take milk thistle which aids the liver. The exercise and your doctor’s recommendations should do the trick.

  • lina_girl06

    EXCERSISE!!!! that’s the best way to help yourself! My bf had same problems!

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