Anyone diagnosed with Thyroid disease while pregnant?

The OB is making me get a test for thyroid and I am just worried about how it will effect the baby, if my test comes back positive… They told me I have all the symptoms and I am 21 weeks and 6 days… I am worried at the moment… Were you diagnosed with thyroid disease while pregnant and if so what did you experience? Thanks~!!!

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  • ainawgsd

    No, but they did test me for thyroid disease at the beginning of my pregnancy because of my family history (my mother has had it from a fairly young age, probably since she had me but at least since she had my brother two years later). Talk to your OB about your concerns, that’s what they’re there for. As far as I know, thyroid disorders do not hold any specific concerns for the baby…but low thyroid levels can cause difficulty conceiving, complications during birth, and may make it difficult or even impossible to breast feed. Women with hypothyroidism may have a harder time healing after deliver because low thyroid levels inhibit healing. Hypothyroidism is a fairly common condition and is easily treated with a daily thyroid supplement (which is not harmful to a developing baby or a breastfeeding baby as it is simply replacing the thyroid hormone that your body is not producing on it’s own).

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