What I'm eating Is It good or not..(Plus other questions)?

Hello =)

Trying to lose weight..And I’m quite fussy so I was wondering If this Is good or not.But I can’t have this everyday because I’ll get bored of It so If you have suggestions that would be great 😉 .

Breakfast – Cereal with orange or apple juice.

Lunch – Turkey sandwich..with coleslaw?

Snacks – Bananas/juice..?

Dinner – Something like pasta?

——– Before ——

Breakfast – Nothing or something like junk.

Lunch – Depends more junk such as..biscuits or crisps.

Dinner – Depends I’d probably not eat much with being fussy.

Snacks – Junk food..!

Also doing an hour on the treadmill a day =)
so what do you think? how can I improve? any ideas?
will I lose weight with this?


  • taxi siren symphony♫

    Not particularly. It’s better than before, so it’s pretty good for a first step, but there are definitely ways you can improve.
    If you want to lose weight (and be healthy) you need to eat fruits and vegetables so you get vitamins and minerals and everything. I don’t see a single vegetable in any of that.
    Start with just one vegetable per day. Don’t count corn or white potatoes as vegetables…they don’t really have a lot of nutrients. Start with something familiar like carrots or broccoli or something. Use a vegetable as a replacement for your coleslaw. Vegetables really don’t taste *that* horrible. (But don’t drown them in cheese or butter or anything.)
    Baby carrots can be dipped in low-fat cottage cheese (not ranch dressing) if you like that.
    Second, make half your grains whole. Try whole-wheat bread and pasta. But just because it’s wheat doesn’t mean eat tons and tons of it.
    It’s better to eat five or six small meals a day instead of three big ones, if you can. That way you keep your metabolism going throughout the day.
    Make sure your cereal is of the healthy variety, and use skim milk. If it’s not sweet enough, add fruit.
    It’s better to get your fruit servings from whole fruits rather than juices. So eat oranges or bananas or apples (or whatever else you like) more often than you drink fruit juice.

    One more thing – don’t eat the same thing every day. The world has more weight-loss-friendly stuff than you think. 🙂

  • has long as you are excercisin yoou should lose weight. But only over time. I think you should allwo yourself treats now and again but only if you have the willpower to onyl ahve them occasionally.
    Rice is healthy, not fried though. You could boil it and ahve curry over it(powered curry?)
    Salad, potatos with veg and fish is healthy for dinner.

    Snack on dried fruit and nuts (be careful some nuts are not healthy).

  • Balian881

    Its not so much the meals that define peoples weight..its what they eat in-between…and i dont mean snacks, i mean something you might pick up and eat without really noticing!!

    but yea an hour a day on a tredmill is good..try keeping it at a lower pace too..jogging pace…this used a differeny energy system than at full pace! and this energy system burns calories more so thab carbohydrates

  • Pete F

    That’s a vast improvement on your previous diet.
    I’d make sure your sandwich isn’t on white bread, coleslaw can be a bit fatty (but you can get low fat coleslaw)…. and I’d try a bit more variation to what you’ve got on different days… but yeah, for a one day menu it seems good.

  • Miss Elaina♥

    That’s much better than your other choices (: Try some veggie pasta. And doing an hour on the treadmill will certainly help.
    Just be patient. Losing weight can take some time.
    Good luck! 😀

  • Oh, my heart is filled with you♥

    When your losing weight I don’t think you should have any carbs, which means no pasta…
    Maybe try some a whole weight sandwich or something.

  • The best way to lose weight is to eat 6 small meals a day about every 2-3 hours. This sounds crazy but it works, it keeps your metabolism going. You are doing great with the exercise. Also maybe you could talk to a Doctor etc. for more suggestions (my answer is just from experience:)

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