thyroid nodule/gluten/fatigue–what the hell is wrong with me?

ok, so i figured out i’ve been gluten intolerant–not celiac that i know of—for the last seven years. i put on a tremendous amount of weight, and developed several hypothyroid symptoms. i got off gluten this last october, and things are a little better, but i am still overweight, still have the symptoms, and still feel like crap. a friend suggested adrenal fatigue, because gluten consumption taxes the adrenal system like no other. i have researched this and it is true. i have developed a swollen thyroid WITH a nodule, yet my thyroid stimulating hormone numbers are totally normal.

how does it appear to be working on a hormonal level, but not actually work? i can’t metabolise anything. as for diet, i eat extremely healthy. it is bordering on ridiculous, actually. and yes, i exercise. what’s wrong with me? no one can tell me.


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