papillary thyroid cancer?

I’m being checked for thyroid cancer and may need surgery, so the doctor says. Is the surgery scary and how soon will I have the surgery after being diagnosed?? a week or two or within days?
For those who don’t understand the question, how long will i have before i absolutely need to have the surgery done?? Is it immediate or can it wait?? I already had my biopsy done, waiting on results, once i get the results and need surgery, how long till I have the surgery??

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  • stealthwind

    A thyroid gland is required to be alive, THAT is how important it is.

    If they take your thyroid out you will recover from the surgery, but you will then have a life threatening condition to deal with for the rest of your life, and your health will not be great. Papillary thyroid cancer doesn’t kill, but being without a thyroid and with no thyroid meds people die. Here is a site by a naturopath who had papillary thyroid cancer: It will help you greatly. I am serious. Also look up papillary thyroid cancer here: http://iodineresearch and learn about the real deal.

    In case you do loose your thyroid, here is the address for the thyroidless group where you can learn how to get better or at least deal with it all:

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