Natural way of bigger boobs?

i’m 19 and i am a 34a.
i know i should love my body but i don’t .. i have really bad personal issues and as stupid and selfish as it sounds i would be happier if my boobs were a bit bigger.
is there a natural way of making them bigger?


  • Dr. Mojo M

    You are a young girl of 19 only and this is the time when your breast will grow and take the shape.

    To make your boobs bigger . You can try natural breast enlargment methods .

    Breast massage as a method of natural breast enlargement and breast health has actually been used for years as a means of stimulating healthy breast growth and promoting breast tone, pliability and firmness.

    Breast massage is one of the best ways to help create a more beautiful bustline by helping to shape, tone and promote growth of the breast and the area surrounding the breast.

    By massaging the breasts on a regular basis, many women have claimed it has enhanced the shape, size and overall attractiveness of their breast, while also giving them a sense of oneness with their femininity, and promoting relaxation and peace of mind, as other methods of body massage do.

    Here are some guidelines for breast massage you may want to follow:

    1.) Use a breast enhancing cream or lubricant – preferably a quality one with natural stimulating herbs and botanicals of your choice to help prevent friction and increase the enjoyment and relaxation of the massage for a more pleasurable and therapeutic experience. This can be an herbal mixture – there are some good ones out there that really do help to promote firmess and breast tone, while creating a larger and more rounded look.

    2.) Light to moderate massaging using a gentle back and forth gentle “swishing” action is best. This can be in a counterclockwise circle around the breast to help promote maximum lymphatic drainage.

    3.) To gain maximum benefit and therapeutic effects, breast massage should be practiced daily, as part of a routine – perhaps when fresh out of the shower, since the skin is still somewhat moist and the room may still be steamy, for a smoother massage which may be more easily lubricated since there will still be moisture in the air. If you prefer, even several times a day can be a great benefit. It depends on what fits into your schedule. A few minutes at a time should suffice
    Enjoy Life

  • FãßuŁĩçĩðũ$!

    there is two ways in which you can make your boobs NATURALLY bigger instead of surgery.

    1) Dont wear tight bras too often, wear loose ones so your breasts can grow

    2) Eat more fatty / oily foods as it will deposit in the breasts more than the body itself.

    good luck!!

  • Mary G

    I a 34 b and some girls have none so be happy

  • mudfish

    you could go to the gym and try some bench presses to enlarge the pectoral muscles

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