Natural remedies to get pregnant?

We need help getting pregnant. Any natural things that might help? Any alternative medicine to help sperm count? or anything else ?
and don’t just say sex…we do it like rabbits……


  • flyby47909

    The best way that I have found is, lose your job, lose your health care coverage, and decide that it would be the biggest financial disaster that could happen and SURPRISE you’ll be pregnant!

  • Evil D

    yea lots of vigorous sex

  • Krazykraut

    Try sex. Vaginally.

  • kipneldy

    Sex daily for one month


    What worked for me? Eating pizza with meatball topping before having sex.

  • Yeahbabe

    enough protein and energy food for your man and some exercise will do and some long HOURS OF SHAGGGGGGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • Try drinking Green Tea. I don’t know if this is what helped us, but after 10years of marriage and no pregnancy, I started on green tea and a month later, I stopped drinking it because I thought it was giving me wicked heartburn, but it turned out I was pregnant. What a miracle! Good Luck, and don’t obsess about it or it will only be harder. Try to accept fate or God’s Will, or whatever you believe in. Everything happens for a reason.

  • ahpris

    Ever heard of Natural Family Planning? its a all natural process.
    It helps you to chart when you are ovulating…. and do the rabbit thing when it comes!

  • a_delphic_oracle

    If the woman is not getting pregnant because of menstrual cycle irregularities to take VITEX tincture every day would help after a few months. Also to help both partners a decent diet helps. No sodas, coffee, alcohol, fast foods, processed food, MEAT and dairy. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and whole grains. The reason for this is that these foods have hormones and chemicals in them so they can interfere with the reproductive cycle. Some people’s cycles are sensitive so these measures must be taken. Other people get pregnant while on crack. Sounds like you are sensitive or your partner is.

  • justbu40

    Relax. If you’re too anxious, it won’t happen.

  • kathy_is_a_nurse

    Hopefully, neither of you smoke. That affects female fertility and sperm motility in men. If you do…stop. That will help…and give you a healthier baby.

  • Mad Roy

    3 References that may help:
    Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies offers a chapter of advice
    Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine has some relevant articles
    Let’s Get Well by Adelle Davis has a chapter on diet and sex problems
    You can find these on if you can’t find a copy in your library or local health food store.
    Good luck!

  • Erize Z

    Most people who try so hard to get pregnant hardly ever do. I had diffculty when I was trying. When I STOPPED TRYING to have another child after my first (because I thought I had no more hope–blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, my age), that was when I got pregnant. But that was also when I quit work (left the stress behind) and got into an active life.
    So just relax and enjoy life. That’s as natural as you can get.
    But if it fails, then you may opt for intervention.

  • sugars_that_heal

    Two things we have have been effective. PLUS and Ambrotose A0.

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