Mental health, please help?

I have a two year course and to be honest I was never happy about doing the level 3. I had to do it because my family can’t afford to have two of us doing nothing; my brother looking for a job. I’m falling behind because I feel depressed, I hate the course

Everyday I go in I feel like crying all the time, and at home. I can’t do anything about it because if I quit i’ll get shouted at everyday.

Sorry miss worded this It sounds like i’m doing a mental health course lol. I’m a business student but I’m having a mental break down doing the course.


  • I think it is terrible that you are stuck doing a course that you hate because it will make things much more difficult if you are not passionate about it however if this course if going to enable you to earn a decent living for a while and there are no other alternatives, then I think it would be best to learn it as best you can so you can earn enough to satisfy the people at home for a while and save enough to go and study something later on that you love.

    If you really can not take it then I suggest you go to your family and inform them that you thoroughly detest the course and ask if perhaps there is another that you can transfer to that would be more bearable.
    I wish you luck with this.

  • split-persona

    jus do it, that’d be tight if i was doing mental health, if you can do it

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