Colon cleansing the natural way? Anyone have any experiences/ advice?

am talking about going to the health food store and buying those natural colon cleaners. When is a good age to do it and how often?


  • The biggest effect of colon cleansing is on your wallet. They’re expensive, and they don’t do anything your body doesn’t already do.

    If you want a healthy colon, eat a diet high in fiber and drink your recommended amount of water.

  • Water!!!!!!

  • imaaden

    The colon may be restricted due to diet or genetics. Eating foods you are even mildly allergic to will result in a mucosa forming along the inner walls of the colon, restricting your body’s absorbtion of nutrients. The recommendation to drink water is correct but sometimes you need a little extra help. Natural remedies such as wormwood or senna are effective but should be taken with guidance as they can be just as powerful as perscriptions. All body systems are interdependent so it is generally best to perform a total body cleansing. This takes about 30 days +/- Afterwords, look closely at your diet and consider introducing supplements such as acidophilus or Pro-biotics. Be careful about becoming too dependent on laxatives, This can creat a dangerous dependency at any age. For young children 5+, try something gentle such as a mild senna tea.

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