colon cleanse? do they work?

a friend told me that i could get an over the counter colon cleanser or an enema that i could do myself. is this true and if so where could some one purchase one and how much would it cost? do they work, and how do they work? what is the process? how much weight could one expect to lose in how much time? thanks!


  • There is a very broad range of colonics, so there can’t be a single answer, but generally they will cleanse your colon, particularly the longer-term systems.

    The colon is very important in general health, and is very often unhealthy when a person eats a western diet. Fecal impactions, bacterial overgrowth, stricture and diverticuli are unfortunately very common in the western meat-and-carbohydrate diet.

    The most effective colon cleansing products are those that are multi-stage, starting with an adsorptive mixture like bentonite clay that leach out poisons and toxins from impactions, then pass them out, followed by an herbal ‘roto-rooting’ course using such things as black walnut, insoluble fiber, anti fungal/parasitics like clove/garlic/oregano/octanoic acid, etc. to soften and remove the impactions and clean out parasites. Finally, a long course (4-6+ weeks) of systemic herbal cleansing and immune system supplementation to prevent recurrence should finish the job.

  • TychaBrahe

    An enema is for someone with constipation. Your body does not store undigested food in your colon. It’s all "crap" if you pardon the expression. If you do a colon cleanse, you will just remove material that you would pass normally a day or so later. The only weight you will lose is about two bowel movements worth.

    Meanwhile, you can, if you do this routinely, deplete critical electrolytes from your body.

    Don’t waste your time or money. Exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables and less fat and simple carbs.

  • Rmfea

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  • Does a bear crap in the woods? yeh they work but not all will have same results as others do. i have been there done that and worn the tshirt. it took me while but i found the right products which worked for me. i will not say yeh go and buy this as its not right. but have a read of my blog in which i tell my full story on how i lost weight… if i can do it you can too.. read my story at

  • taniaess

    You should look up the colon cleanse project -_-. That was hilarious. I think they do work though. Just gross.

  • Charliem_1

    do they work for what?? wieght loss no its just a temp. fix. you need fiber everyday to maintain a healthy colon. for wieght loss ,laxitives and cleanses are very dangerous. just exercise eat the five food groups daily and get your fiber and liquids. a supplement vitamin helps too. THEIR IS NO MAGIC WIEGHT LOSS PILL.

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