cholesterol with pacemaker question ?

i have noticed that when i eat greasy foods after ,i feel little if drink too much coffee .can cholesterol make you dizzy or is just my imagination ,or my pacemaker .i do have anxiety problem too.


  • cardiophile

    Cholesterol does not affect pacemaker function. But high cholesterol diet can produce heart disease due to atherosclerosis. If you are feeling dizzy, you can get your pacemaker function checked in the hospital.

  • Coffee increases heart rate maybe causing you to be lightheaded and dizzy. Cholesterol will eventually clog the blood vessels. Your heart rate increases when food is in the stomach,which requires more blood(=energy) to process the food. Maybe eat less greasy foods. The pacemaker makes sure the heart keeps the pace (heart beats). You stated you have anxieties stop upsetting yourself. Has your Dr. recommended any antidepressants?

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