Can you drink 1litre of juice for your 5 a day?

On the carton (it’s mostly pure squeezed I think, says it’s from concentrate) it says 200ml is one of your five a day, so could I drink a litre of juice a day and have that count as my five a day or is it better to balance it out with other fruits and vegs over the day?
Please and thank you 🙂


  • No, only 1 portion. The aim is to get a wide range of micronutrients and phytochemicals. Different foods has a different composition therefore will provide different nutrition. Think rainbow.

    That also doesn’t mean you can have 5 different types of juices as there is other benefit from eating wholefoods. Also smoothies only count for 2, no matter how much you throw into it.

    Plus you should be aiming for 2 fruits and 3 veg due to sugar content.

  • leanne

    It probably can, but its better to balance out with veg. Fruity juice is good for you but full of sugar and really bad for your teeth! A glass or so a day is good but anything more is a bit much

  • cornflake#1

    The idea of it being only 5 items of fruit and veg a day is to introduce a greater range of natural variety in your diet. The cunning dietary plan is for people to eat a lot less processed and sugary foods.

    Five a day is supposed to mean 5 different pieces of fruit and veg in a day. Drinking a whole litre of juice counts as 1 singular, solitary piece of fruit or veg

    You have noted that 200ml of juice counts as 1 item – a fist-sized piece of fruit or veg also counts as 1 item. So go to town with your varied diet.

    My deepest regret is that unfortunately chocolate doesn’t count [grrrrr!]

  • KAtie

    oh god no, if you want to have diarrhea then do it. 1 litre of juice is too much. Just eat fresh fruit and vegies. and drink water juice is not even good for you. Also orange juice (pure squeezed especially) is bad for your teeth, its rots them cuz the acid in the orange takes the enamel off your teeth.

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