Thyroid Problem … ?

I am a 14 year old . I am pretty healthy , except that i have asthma . I went to the doctor just for a check up . I usually have a blood test done every once in a while , so this time my TSH level was high ( not too high though ) . However , the doctor asked me to repeat that test again . Someone from the doctor’s office called and said that all was fine . Then the day after i was astonished by them calling again and saying that in this test it was low !!!! did that test and they were on different days . The first one was in the afternoon , the second one was in the morning ( If times matter !)
I am already seeing the doctor again . I am just concerned it has anything to do with Thyroid cancer.Can it be a normal condition , because my body is still developing ? Please help !


  • There’s no reason to think cancer. It’s a bad idea to think that when something is wrong with you, it’s cancer. You’ll drive yourself crazy, and cancer is actually only a tiny fraction of things that are wrong with people. Thyroid abnormalities are very common nowadays, and easy to fix. Mostly they are caused by autoimmune problems, which may be the case for you. They can do further tests to find that out.

    As for your TSH: when TSH is high, your thyroid hormone levels are low. So call the doc and get a bit more information. It could be that they explained things badly, but that your results are consistent. That is, the first time, your TSH was high, and that’s what they told you. Then with the next test, they said "the test was low," but what they meant was that your thyroid hormone levels were low, because your TSH was high. So perhaps both times, your TSH was high, but they just explained it differently.

  • you need more starch and salt no lie it help keep inflameation down

  • Summer

    I have had thyroid cancer and the thyroid levels were not what the problem was, I had a lump in my neck and had a biopsy and then exploratory surgery. While in surgery it was found to be cancer on both lobes of my thyroid. They had to remove it all. Now my thyroid levels are all over the place. You probably just have an over or under active thyroid. They will give you a thyroid supplement and your levels will go back to normal. Only 2 out 200 people die from papillary cancer of the thyroid. It is the easiest cancer to cure. Dont worry I doubt that’s your problem.

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