looking for a good colon cleanser?

I am looking for a good colon cleanser. Has anyone tried one that is good or actually worked? I am in Canada and have a few health food stores nearby but they have so many to choose from so I thought I would ask here first.


  • HangingChad

    The whole colon cleanser gimmick is a big scam. If you seriously want to clear out your colon then just do what you would do to prepare for a colonscopy. You can’t get any cleaner than that.

  • You will waste your money and upset the natural flora of your colon.
    The colon, like the whole body, is self cleansing.
    Holistic practitioners believe the colon is a sewage system and if it’s not kept clean, waste products won’t be cleared out and toxic substances will be absorbed into the body. They believe that the typical person may have as many as several pounds of fecal matter in their colon, which causes mucus to build up and harden on colon walls.

    Science says this is not true. Your colon knows how to do its job, constantly shedding old cells, absorbing nutrients and keeping a delicate balance of bacteria and natural chemicals. Interfering with this process can hurt or destroy these relationships, meaning the colon won’t work as well as it should. Colon cleansing is unnecessary, and medical doctors do not advise you to do this.

  • passarellosweet

    Begin the day with high fiber cereal and some fruit.Drink lots of water.
    Pick foods high in fiber and lots of fresh veggies.
    Easy on the red meats and aim towards chicken and fish.
    Snack on high fiber crackers,or toast some high fiber bread with your fav..topping.
    A clean colon which I learned through many years of nursing is rapid transit through the intestines.
    Lots of water is a wonder along with high fiber foods. There are so many choics now due to people like u and me but over the counter I do not believe in it.
    You do this and I bet you notice a difference in just a couple weeks and it is natural.
    Please let me know

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