How to lighten hair Natrually? Tea bag remedy or Lemon juice?

Hi =)

Which would you recommend and how do I do it? Can you provide a link for instructions to follow?
What is your tried and tested results, would you recommend it?
And how often shoul I do it?

What is the worst that can go wrong? Worth taking the chance?

I no longer wish to dye my hair chemically so I’m going the natural way.

Thanks .=)


  • Cristina

    I used both.
    Lemon bleaches it, tea will only give you a few highlights…But lemon changes the color.
    I used tea one month. I got a little lighter.
    I used lemon (put it directly on my hair and exposed to the sun for 10 minutes every other day). I got reddish hair.
    I am using raw honey on my conditioner about 3 times a week….I´ve gotten blonder hair.

    My pics

    before trying to lighten it

    after using lemon

    After chamomile, lemon and honey

    I will continue lightening it!.

  • Niamh

    I have never heard of the tea bag rememdy.
    BUT I use lemon juice in my hair. It only gives me highlights, increases my highlights more like. Its really simple you just run lemon through your hair and I always to it in sunny weather because of the sun helps it work, I heard. Hope this helps!

  • Olivia

    I’ve heard from my mom lemon juice works, but i use a natural substance containing lemon juice called Sun in. It’s like 3 bucks and you can buy it at places like foodcity. Spray it where desired and either sit in sun, which is really relaxing or blow dry. Either way works great. It really lightens and it last through quite a few washes. Spray where desired in damp hair then comb through. If you don’t it’s no big deal., but it looks more sun streaked if you do. I would do it every few days or so. May God be with you.

  • Shannon

    Herbal tea bag x2 (lemon)
    1 table soon of sea salt
    x3 lemons – All the juice

    Boil kettel – pour on to teabag – let it cool
    in seperate bowl – mix lemon juice and salt together
    when water is cool mix into the lemon juice and salt
    Pour onto your head – make sure its all covered
    Sit outside on a sunny day untill hair is dry then 30 mins after and wash
    Repeat untill desired shade

    I tried this back in the summer and i found really sunny days were the best

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