high cholesterol =[ diet suggestions?

ok well im a young teen and have a cholesterol of 200. yes i know thats bad and you dont have to remind me about and make me feel worse. all i want to know is a good diet for someone my age. and now in school i dont know what to eat. what should i eat. i want to lower my cholesterol in a month if possible. all advice is welcomed ! just please help me 🙂


  • leighcheri34

    Take cholesterol lowering vitamins ( One A Day makes a good one.) Drink the cholesterol lowering yogurt shot and try to avoid anything high in trans fats.

  • redunicorn

    They say eating oatmeal will help lower cholesterol. Exercise can also help.

  • Susan

    There is a white vinegar/apple juice/grapejuice concoction that people swear by. I will look for the recipe for you and add if you are still taking comments.

  • bxvgirl

    Well I don’t want you to do that thing all teens do and eat like nothing. So talk to your doctor. He will know exactly what to do. Oh! another thing, Go to your local fitness trainer and he or she can help you do good exercises for your age.

  • You can’t lower it just like that, mine was high and it’s taken ages to halve it, still to high.
    cut out all saturated fats. (read every food lable thoroughly).
    if you smoke, STOP!
    if you drink cut it to a bare minimum.
    garlic will help to reduce it more.
    But MOST important, get to the doctor and get on a course of
    something like Lipitor or some other statin, take it religiously and pray that it works.
    there are side effects, such as severe night cramps but, the side effect of doing nothing is an early date at the cemetry.
    Best of luck.

  • Tim Br

    Cholesterol comes from animal fat, like cheese, eggs, ice cream, and meat.


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