Health Insurance in India …?

Are there any health insurance companies in India which will cover all major hospital bills ??
I am looking to have a health insurance for my parents .. I want to know if there are any companies which offer health insurance by collecting the premium on half-yearly or yearly basis …


  • E.S.I. is employees state isurance .It covers the health of workers in private companies. Under this workers and families get treatment of diseases, free confinement for women (women workers and wives of male employees),temporary wage compensation when absent from duty due to sickness,temporary and permanent disability cash benefit for injuries while on duty,expenditure on funeral for natural and accidental deaths..

  • Go…jump in the lake 🙂 🙂 🙂 I don’t think so …..

  • jannie

    what ya want?
    somebody ta give ya money for yo hospital bills

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