eggs, cholesterol and the blodo stream?

THe normal cholesterol level in the blood is 1.0mg/mL. our body contains 5.5L of blood. You just ate two hard boiled eggs. Assuming taht all the cholesterol from the yolk is absorbed into your bloodstream, calculate what will be the cholesterol concentration in your blood after teh meal.

one egg yolk contains ~250mg of cholesterol according to consumer charts.

could you please show and explain to me how to work this out.


  • mrcricket1932

    Is very odd that this question would show up. It has been established that 2 out of 3 people will have a reduction of cholesterol by eating eggs. The 3rd one will have no change. I have seen someone fighting the battle of cholesterol by having his level checked every 3 months. With no change with the meds he was taking.. it was recommended that he start eating at least 6 eggs each week.. He returned after his 3 month check up and related he was back to normal range… I wonder why this took place??????

    Considering the cholesterol within the yolk of an egg has to be located by microscopic means (are called globules), would indicate something is amiss with the determinations that are wide spread and said to be accurate. The one thing that is not mentioned is; the yolk of an egg is also full of lecithin.. the cholesterol fighter. The word itself comes from the Greek, meaning the yolk of an egg.

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