Dying hair with chamomile tea? Plus will drying under lamp instead of sun work?

I really really want blonder or lighter ends on my hair, so say if I put 7 tea bags, I know its a lot, but will it really do the trick? Or will it be soo much that it will turn darker? I tried it before with 3 bags and ever so slightly did it work. I have dark brown hair. Plus instead of drying in the sun can I go under my lamp? I live in England and it’s hardly sunny, all of this week is gonna be raining. This lamp makes a kind of burning smell in like 30 seconds but its normal. Thanks for those who answers. 10 points for the most elaborate answer. 🙂


  • Scarlett

    It won’t go darker with stronger chamomile tea, it should actually lighten hair more. But best results are normally found by doing multiple applications, rather than trying to do one really strong one.

    Calendula works as well, but chamomile tea is usually easier to find.

    Lemon juice works to lighten as well and can be stronger than chamomile tea. But it’s very drying to hair, so if you use it, you should probably follow up with a moisturizing hair mask or extra conditioner.

    It’s advised that you dry in the sun, especially when using lemon juice, because the UV rays are what activates the lemon juice, not heat. "Ultraviolet light from the sun is the most common hair-bleaching agent. Lemon juice is sometimes added to speed up the process of reducing the double bonds in hair pigments to single bonds." So a regular lamp isn’t going to lighten your hair at all. You could try buying an ultraviolet lightbulb though.

    Honey is another natural way to lighten hair and you don’t need to go out in the sun for it. Honey contains small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which pulls pigment from hair. Hydrogen peroxide is used in much stronger amounts in the salon to dye hair, it opens the shaft and breaks down the pigments, then they add whichever dye was wanted. Honey doesn’t contain enough to make your hair copper colored, but using hydrogen peroxide alone on dark hair will turn it a copper color instead of just lightening it. Hydrogen peroxide alone is also very drying, but honey is often used in homemade conditioners and hair masks

  • Caylencloud

    i use lemon juice on mine! it really works !! xx

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