does calcium supplements clean the colon?


  • The very idea that you need to "clean" the colon is nonsense. Your colon is continually cleaning itself, and you DO NOT have "gunk building up" inside you, contrary to what some bullsh!t health quacks will tell you.

    SO, the question makes no sense – there’s nothing to "clean", therefore how can any supplement "clean" it?

    Some people are afraid of quackwatch – the truth hurts!

  • NO

  • Ohio Healer

    Not that I’ve ever heard of. You can pick up a colon cleanse at your local health food store. They are usually a pre-packaged, 30-day regimen of herbals that you take in the morning and in the evening.

    Be careful of anybody referring you to "quackwatch" — they probably have stock in pharmaceutical companies.

  • keepsondancing

    I second "opus." You colon is self-cleaning. Don’t tamper with it!

    Calcium supplements support bone health and prevent osteoporosis. Calcium is an essential nutrient. If you aren’t getting 1200 mg. /day from dairy products and green leafy vegetables, you should take a supplement.

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