Does anyone have any juice fastin recipes that are quite tasty?

I am thinking about juice fasting for extreme weight loss, i read up on some sites that say you can lose 30-40lbs in 30 days which would be ideal for me for my wedding in july, does anyone have any recipes, or better still has anyone done a juice fast with this effective weight loss if so what did you drink?





    Are you me or something lol. Like i said to you about the reduce fat fast (did you get my email about the site?) They really do work and the berry ones that someone else mensioned, i also fast on smoothies instead of juices. I mainly have strawberry, kewi and milm mixed in the blender its lush. You are getting some of your five a day plus calcium. Thats my fave one anyway but try experiementing its fun. Hope you get to loose the weight i know i have already just want a few more pounds. x

  • Mumsey

    There are number of books for juicing – I think you need to get a couple of these, otherwise you will end up quite ill.
    Jason Vale and Carol Vorderman and 2 good ones

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