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    Reduce fat, reduce saturated fat specifically, reduce the amount of red meat in your diet, increase your intake of soluble fiber, increase your consumption of vegetables, and get regular exercise. If your cholesterol level does not drop to safe levels after several months of these changes, discuss with your doctor the possibility of taking a statin (cholesterol-lowering medication). And if your cholesterol level is still very high and won’t drop, you may want to be tested for familial hypercholesterolemia, which is a genetic high cholesterol. If you test positive, the rest of your family might want to be checked.

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    decrease total dietary fat, especially saturated and trans fat, also known as hydrogenated fat
    decrease dietary cholesterol
    limit sodium intake
    increase intake of fiber, especially complex carbohydrates and prebiotic fibers

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    I think the best cure for that is dark raspberries.

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    There is no proof that the cholesterol people consume is responsible for blocked arteries. This is propaganda put out by the pharmaceutical companies that profit on the drugs they manufacture.

    As a matter of fact, cholesterol is measured in the veins of the arm – and yet, there is not a single case where these veins have been obstructed. If the theory of "bad cholesterol" were true, these smaller veins where the blood flows much slower should be susceptible to huge amounts of blockage.

    This blows the "bad cholesterol" theory out of the water. Yet, people still believe in it in spite of the common sense reasoning against it. This is the power that the pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession have to brainwash people. Following medical advice blindly is a dangerous thing when the focus is on money and not people’s well-being.

    The truth is, cholesterol is caused by dehydration.

    When you don’t drink enough water, the blood becomes acidic with toxins. This is made worse as the blood passes through the lungs and more water is removed through the process of respiration (breathe on a mirror to see this moisture). As the acidic blood passes through the arteries, the shearing pressure creates minute cuts and abrasions to the arteries.

    To prevent this damage from peeling away and causing an embolism in the brain or other organ, the body produces the so-called "bad cholesterol" to cover and protect the damaged areas until repairs can be made.

    Unfortunately, the medical community doesn’t recognize dehydration at this level where health problems originate. To do so would involve prescribing water – and there’s no profit in this. Instead, they wait until dehydration has caused more serious damage that will justify the higher fees of invasive surgery or prescribing medications.

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    Plain Oatmeal with water for breakfast, eliminate fatty foods(red meats,deli meats) butter.Eat chicken(no skin) and fish.I would also take fish oil pills.If possible excercise.

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    Raw Veganism cured my high blood pressure as well as getting healthy cholesterol readings.

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