• Gary Y

    I can’t recomend you do a colon cleanse, it really is a waste of money and possibly dangerous. Our bodies have evolved over millions of years and the colon knows how to do its job.

    Doing a colon cleansing can actually hurt the process of shedding nutrients and absorbing minerals and vitamins. The colon might not work as well if this process is interfered with.

    If the equipment that is used to flush the colon is not clean then a bacterial infection could develop.

    Doing a colon cleansing could cause the body to absorb too much water. This could possibly cause a chemical imbalance which would result in feelings of nausea, vomiting, heart failure and fluid in the lungs. The colon wall could also break which is fatal.

    Supplements can be dangerous because most are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Manufacturers could make health claims that are not supported by evidence so it probably is a waste of money. The user just does not know what they are getting.

    Taking laxatives or colon cleansing pill can prevent the body from doing its job because then the colon relies on the pill to do it and it will not empty normally. Some pills contain senna which is harsh and can irritate the lower digestive tract which could lead to diarrhea and create a mineral imbalance in the body.

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    At a clinic.

  • David

    You can buy "Fleet" colon cleanse at any drugstore over the counter. Chill it and drink it fast. Then drink several glasses of water, more is better. It will really work.

  • Eat loads of raw crunchy vegies like celery carrotts and leafy and green vegies …… eat loads of raw leafy greens ………. like broccolli, salad greens, buk choy, kale, chard ……. all rich in magnesium (known as the antistress mineral) and also in calcium and foods richin magnesium will increase the production of hydrochloric acid in your tummy and thus aid in digestion and help the elimination and detoxing process ………. calcium rich foods will help support a healthy neural system aide in digestion and bolster immunity …….. calcium and magnesium work in tandem for heart health and bone and teeth health and neural health ….. take a liquid B complex supplement for easiest assimilation to support healthy neural, immune and digestive functioning too ……. the B complex of vitamins will help bolster your system against the stress of detoxing and just simply the every day stress we are all exposed to at some level or another.

    you only need to do it for a couple of days and you’ll notice a massive difference.

    Drink loads of fresh filtered water to ensuring that you are properly hydrated.

    peace baby

  • Ruth Molina

    I do not have an answer but have the benefit of reading the answer left by minx, thanks

  • marvinandkathy@att.net

    Go get a colonic irrigation or take an enema at home.

  • Julie

    Hi, you may try with the colon cleanse home remedy

    A home remedy colon cleanse is a natural colon cleansing without harsh chemicals. It is affordable and very much private. This colon cleanser removes debris from your bowels with a healthy digestive system. Homemade colon cleanses recipes with a colon cleansing diet can give colon flush and will free you from the bloated feeling of digestive system. Flush with a sea salt solution is one of the easy colon cleanse solution.

    One day at home to prevent diarrhea is enough for natural remedy. Drink a mixture of two quarts of pure water with two teaspoons of pure sea salt with its natural minerals; not regular salt and get the help of this colon cleanser throughout the morning. Bowels will get flush within a few hours, supplying you with energy and cleanliness.

  • Henry F

    Colon cleansing herbs are so popular and it has been used centuries ago. Herbs are the most common ingredients that are used in colon cleansing. They are considered to be useful in getting rid of the harmful toxins and bacteria that resides in your digestive system. It is also considered safe and effective to be used not only as cleansing agents but also to remedy some of your body problems.

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