are there people out there who would like to share a dialog on natural remedies for health problems?

My wife and I are in the process of building up a small organic truck farm. Along the way I have encountered several health related problems and am looking for reliable non commercial information. Seems like most posts and groups are mainly of a commercial nature, where the people are trying to sell their products under the guise of posing as just regular souls! Which is fine with me, I guess but it would sure be nice to just exchange information without having to listen to sales pitches all the time!


  • thetruckingindustry

    I know a few great home remedies for minor medical issues. Not sure what your looking for exactly, but maybe I can help. Write me at owner (at) truckroute dot net and let me know more about what your looking for, would be glad to help out.

  • Skeptic

    One of the biggest health problems in America is high blood pressure. The best first treatment is a diuretic. The common dandelion is a very effective diuretic and is even used in commercial, over-the-counter products.

    The leaves in early spring or after the second frost can be used in salads. The roots can be washed, cut, dried, ground, and used as a substitute for coffee.

    The Internet is a rich source of information about natural remedies. I’d investigate the most common health issues first.

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