What is a cure for cholesterol?

Ok, i found out a way to cure cholesterol! It would have to be taken by shot unless it wasn’t digested and broken up first. My thoughts were that it could be a type of loosener that loosened and made the choleterol slide right off the veins and arterys and stuff. Whate are your thoughts?
I know, it was just a thought, it would be used to level your cholesterol out. And help get rid of the bad kind. IDK, i just thought of it.


  • Cyndee

    I know eating a bowl of oatmeal a day will lower your cholesterol. but theere are 2 types of cholesterol , a good and a bad . you wouldnt want to deprive your body of the good cholesterol .

  • homerjoy1945

    It would slide right out of your veins and arteries, go right to your brain, you would have a massive stroke and die…

    Back to the drawing board…!

  • Pegasus90

    The reading I have done re: my diabetes indicated that cholesterol is not what packs onto the arteries, but a gluey substance of protein, cholesterol and other substances. If you lower your insulin reactivity, then your cholesterol goes down (mine did).

  • JOHN M

    Try a fat free diet.

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