overactive thyroid…?

i have overactive thyroids,i found out today….
and i go back to mi doctor in 3months. & sum ppl say u gain weight but rite now i’m 17 & weigh 107.. could sum one plz tell me wat it is and how u get it.. thanks so much.


  • Mom 530

    Happy to say that…Yes, you will begin gaining weight soon. You may even see a weight change before you go back to the Dr. An overactive Thyroid is kinda common, likely nothing that you caused. The meds. the Dr. gave you will slow your systems down, you likely will feel more energy vs. feeling rather burned out and always hungry. I have a hubby and daughter friend that have the same condition. I have a under active thyroid.

  • Stuck in the middle of nowhere

    Hyperthyroid is when your thyroid produces too much hormone and causes it to be overactive. It essentially speeds up your metabolism. I don’t think there is any specific reason why someone gets this over anyone else. When your thyroid overactive you usually lose weight, not gain it.

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