Natural fruits,plants,supplements for health report?

What are some supplements that use natural ingredients to relax the body and promote health, and well being. It’s for a report on alternative medicine. Something that has history. And benefits that have been proven. Thank you!


  • Bill Ribblett

    The Herbal products developed by Nobel prize winning scientist, Louis Ignarro, Ph.D. that deal with cellular nutrition needs of the body I find the best available for promoting health, relaxation (Relax Now contaIns passionflower, hops, melatonin, valerian and lavender). review all the products: This company has researched these products for 32 years and have proven results with over 2.1 million users in 80 countries. You are welcome.

  • Chicken Man

    Whole food multivitamins.
    Vitamin c?

  • Vitamin c

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