is there a health risk to anal sex?

I was told by a female friend whom taught sex education, that every stroke tears a little tissue from the colon tissue, is that true (not Gay)?

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  • Anal sex is not generally considered to be a health concern.

    It is not true that "Every stroke tears a little tissue from the colon tissue". In some cases, if there isn’t sufficient lubrication, there can be some stretching or minor tearing of tissues–but this a penis or dildo won’t be in the colon–it will be in the rectum (the colon is further up the digestive system). However, many people have anal sex safely and comfortably; often, the key is to use lots of lubrication and take time for the anal sphincters and rectum muscles to relax.

    Anal sex is a high risk sex act for STD transmission, especially for unprotected anal sex.

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