Is my mum right to do this?

Okay so I’m 14 years old. I’m 5’8.5 and about 136 pounds.
Okay so i’m trying to loose weight and have been eating less (In The UK, it’s 15:49, and today I have eaten A Banana and A ham Sandwich. Then I’ve been horse riding for an hour and swimming so i think i’ve burned them off),
Anyway, She keeps offering me food and i keep saying No.
Then she keeps saying "STOP STARVING YOURSELF!"
and goes into the kitchen and cooks me food i don’t want. Then she watches me to make sure i eat it!
Is she right to do this?
She’s kinda bugging me with always watching me!



  • Tigger

    Yes, she is perfectly in her rights to do this.
    A banana and a ham sandwich is not enough for a growing 14 year old girl.

    A 14 year old girl should eat about 1,900 calories in a day.

    You NEED a good balanced diet, if you eat healthily and exercide you will keep a good weight, doing what you want to do will make you loose weight in a bad way and will make you ill.
    Also these diets never work, as soon as you start eatting properly again you’ll put the weight back on.

    Here’s a meal plan idea:

    cereal (this could be ready brek, rice krispies, bran flakes, corn flakes, alpen, coco pops – anything you like really)

    For drink – have a pure fruit juice plus another drink if wanted.

    A chewy bar, the Go Ahead bars are my favourite, the best in my opinion are: and and and the best of all, my apsolute fav. is:
    Or you can get chewy bars that are like flapjack with something in them – could be chocolate chips or fruit, my favourites are: – I recommened the chocolate orange and the chocolate chip.
    Or rather then a chewy bar, have a chocolate bar or 2 or 3 biscuits – you can buy chocolate bars disigned to go in a lunch box – like these: – I love these, they are scrummy.
    Or there is always kitkat, penguin sandwich chocolate bars, mini rolls (my fav. being:
    Or you could even have cereal bars:

    For a drink have a fruit juice or some milk.


    Veg such as green beans, carrots, asparagus, sweet corn, peas or broccolli etc
    Potato in some form or rice or pasta or spaghetti
    Meat (chicken, burgers, sausages, pork, beef etc etc) or fish (tuna, cod, haddock, salmon, fish cakes, fish fingers etc etc) or if your vegitarian then quorn mince, or quorn sausages, burgers or whatever
    It is good to spoil yourself and have things like baked beans or spaghetti hoops or chips or potato waffles etc sometimes.

    For pudding:
    Cake, biscuits, jelly, fruit, angel delight, milk pudding (like rice pudding, semolina etc), chocolate etc.

    Apple or some type of fresh fruit
    Dried fruit
    crackers and cheese

    Remember to drink your water! You should have at least eight glasses a day
    Have different drinks during the day:
    Coffee, Tea, plain milk, flavoured milk, fruit juice, hot chocolate, hot milk, squash, water, coca cola, lemonade, orangeade, cherryade, pepsi etc

  • ♦Intouch♦

    It’s okay to eat, just control yourself. Your mom knows what’s best.

  • Vegeta1418

    Tell her some food you want to eat instead. If you burned off the sandwich and the banana, then eat something else.

  • Michelle - Baby due May 2011

    a banana and 1 ham sandwich isn’t very much as it’s 4pm, she is right to try and give you more.

    You should be eating 3 good meals a day, especially if you are exercising.

    Starving yourself will not help you loose weight, as the next time you eat your body will just store it as fat for when you starve yourself again.

    Eat little and often 🙂

  • Robert D

    You need to eat sensibly. Not stop eating. Just cut out fatty food.

    A girl your age could permantly harm herself if she didn’t eat properly.

  • Miss LONDON. W A N K.

    You shouldn’t be on a diet there’s nothing wrong with your weight. Don’t eat less.

  • Katie Telea

    With your height and your weight arent you already thin enough? It sounds like your mom is just really worried about you…why dont you try talking to her about it.

  • forget-me-not

    Shes just trying to make sure you dont take the whole dieting thing too far. And tbf you should really be eating more than a banana and sandwich.. its not about what you eat just how much of it you eat

  • Flower's only gone and done it!

    Your not eating enough to lose weight hun but your only 9 and a half stone which for your height is about right so you really dont need to, but if your going to do it anyway do it the heathy way please.

    To lose weight 1st you must start eating breakfast otherwise your body will think your starving it and store what you do eat as fat, then you need to eat a balanced lunch and tea with snacks of fruit inbetween and drink plenty of water.

    The exercise your getting is fine but if you push yourself too much with little to eat it will make you ill.

    As for your mum, she’s just worried about you as young girls can be impressionable and worry too much about their weight which can lead to anorxia or bulimia.

  • Rev. Paul

    You need to research things based on your weight, measurements, body fat content, and more before determining for certain if you are in need of dieting. I don’t think you are. You sound like you are well withing the range of normal weight for an athletic teen of your height.

    You should also research nutrition and related materials to ensure you get the right balance of what your body needs as you grow to maturity. This is based in part on your activities.

  • α gιяℓ.

    Why exactly are you going on a diet? You’re the perfect weight for your height.

    I agree with your mum, she’s right. And the key to loosing weight is not ‘starving yourself’, It’s eating food in moderation. Diets are temporary solutions.

  • Starvation makes you gain weight. You need to be eating 6 small, healthy meals per day and exercising a lot if you really want to lose weight and be healthy.

  • <3 Junebug Loves you <3

    Just eat to placate her. and really, you shouldn’t lose any eight, you’re already quite skinny..

  • She just cares for you ya know and wants what is best for you. Ya she is and just tell her how you are feeling about this ok. God bless and remember Jesus died for you on the cross so you can have a relationship with you.

  • a girl ;p

    Listen to your mom. She’s worried about you and if all you have is a sandwich and a banana all day, that’s not enough. Food gives you energy, and if you burn off the energy you get from it right away, how are you supposed to get through the rest of the day?

  • ~Forever Brittany♥~

    I don’t know what’s wrong with your weight. Your perfectly normal. Your tall and your weight is fine. I’m ten more pounds than you and is 5’6.5.

    Your mom is looking out for you. Clearly she doesnt see a problem with your weight, and she’s worried you might starve yourself. Just tell her that your okay and your not hungry.

  • ǝƃıɐd ʎqqɐ

    Yeah, she should do that. You are already really skinny, and starving yourself won’t help. Being all bones is just gross and unhealthy. you need to eat more than that!

  • Miss Elaina♥

    Your mom is just worried about you. She thinks that you’re not eating enough.
    Just eating a sandwich and a banana isn’t enough for a growing girl.
    So you can eat more than that. Just watch your carbs and fat intake, be sure to exercise, and you’ll loose some weight 🙂
    But quite honestly, you sound pretty thin to me. At your height, 136 pounds is just fine.

  • κιωι●ρrιηςεss

    Your mum is only concerned for you.

    Only eating a banana and ham sandwich is totally going to end you up anorexic. Not a path you want to go down, trust me.

    So yes, your mum has every right to force you to eat! If you actually ate, maybe she wouldn’t worry.

    And, for the record, skipping breakfast will NOT make you lose weight.

  • Maximum Over troll

    since when was riding a horse a work out?

    and btw if you want to lose weight don’t eat carbohydrates.

    Calories = energy
    Carbs = fat

  • stanthemansmum

    Yes, she is right. to diet healthily you have to eat three balanced meals a day. that means a sensible breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks of fruit or other low fat things. if you don’t eat enough, you actually lose water rather than weight and the moment you eat normally it goes back on again. Your mum is just making sure you are not being silly over dieting. You don’t sound overweight to me for your height! Walking skeletons do not look good!

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