how duz alchol affect ur spiritual health?

I cant find any damn thing on it and its 4 a health project we need to type by tues.


  • That’s cuz it doesn’t affect your spiritual health. Of course, if you drink too much, it affects everything.

  • shocktreat9

    The same way it affects your ability to spell & speak correctly.

  • ♥blue eyes♥

    because once you become an alcoholic, your world revolves around alcohol. They are drowning their sorrows in alcohol instead of putting their problems in God’s hands. Their world just falls apart.

  • oldsch00li0

    Noah was know to drink alcohol to the point of passing out. And Jesus’ first "miracle" was to turn water into wine for a party. So, I suppose one could make the argument that it has its place. Though personally I think it tends to diminish one’s spirituality.

    I never heard of a "health project" like that.

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