Has anyone tried first vita plus natural health drink?

…who is not a sales agent of it. I need an unbiased opinion. I bought a box just to try it. It claims to have these vegetables in powdered form but having tried it I now highly doubt that this actually has the ingredients it claims to have. The vegetables themselves are indeed very good for the body and have been used in traditional medicines forever, but i don’t know if the inventors of this drink is just riding on that reputation. It has been approved by bfad and usfd but who knows if even that is true and how do we find out?

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  • doctrine-mouse

    "charlie", I’ll leave it up to you, but think about this.
    Lately in the world of natural supplements and alternative medicine we have a new product every two or three months – promising you to be the panacea.

    They all seem to have the magic price of $ 40 to 50 dollars and are about as good as a 100% juice from other exotic fruits worth about $5 to 10 dollars for 1L bottle in your local supermarket.

    So – it is up to you to decide.
    I did try most of them personally and always did come to the conclusion that fresh fruit is fresh fruit………
    Or even in the dry form.
    But never the juice. To much is being taken out of it.

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