diagnosed with high cholesterol?

I was diagnosed with high cholestrol last week. Normal cholesterol is 200 or lower. My cholesterol is only 274 and the nurse told me that her husband’s cholesterol is 700 and that she see children come to the office with cholesterol over 1,000. I have been stressing and againizing over this. The Dr. isn’t going to be putting me on meds and just wants me to lower it with food and exercise. Do you think I can do this without changing my entire diet? I plan on eating more cheerios and oatmeal as well as cutting down on the red meat and fried foods.

I just don’t think that my cholesterol is up so much that I need to change my entire diet.

What do you all think?
Also- even though I fasted prior to the test, I work fairly late and I did eat fast food (including french fries) on my way home from work before I fasted. Could this make a difference?



    It"s strange that you are taking cholesterol level very lightly.

    Total blood cholesterol level 274 is enough to carry the danger of coronary artery disease.

    Whose cholesterol level is what,doesn’t matter. What matters is your cholesterol level and it should be turned down.

    Follow low cholesterol diet & exercise regularly.

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    It’s necessary to fast for 12 hours before cholesterol test is allowed. so, if you had not taken the fast food within this time it affects your test result a little which is ignorable.

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  • IT is a lifestyle change of diet and exercise. High cholesterol can lead to MI, HTN and stroke. 270 is pretty high. I would not be so worried at 202 but 270 is a lot. We like them to be 150 or so. 200 is the top that is allowable.

  • Abby L

    Just stop eating peanut butter and i think you will be fine

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