Cholesterol, good for you?

I read somewhere that the reason you get cholesterol is to stop arteries from being damaged. So in effect when a Dr is trying to lower your cholesterol he is not treating the real cause of why the cholesterol was there in the first place. So to much choletersol can clog an artery but didn’t it start building up in the artery for a reason? How true is this?

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  • FBI26

    There is two kinds of Cholesterol good kind and bad kind. The good kind is the kind that started in your Arteries to help build the walls up and continues to strengthen them. The bad kind is the kind that enters your arteries and clogs them up. When Doctors test your cholesterol levels they test both kinds to see how they balance each other out. Alot of the times the Doctor will tell you that you need to have more good cholesterol but reduce the bad cholesterol.

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