100% Orange juice and juice straight from an orange, any difference?

I am talking about the orange juice that is not concentrate and the has nothing but orange juice listed as the ingredients. So what I am asking is, does the orange juice from and orange have the same kcal as the orange juice from the (100% squeezed orange juice) carton?
Just a reminder… I am asking only about calories. I am aware of the use of preservatives etc etc. I do not need to be spoken to like a moron. thanks


  • ƸӜƷ

    They put chemicals in the one from the carton. How do you think is gonna stay good for so long? plus dont they taste different? YES!

  • I don’t think so, I would assume it would be healthier and have less calories overall. The boxed orange juice comes with sugar and etc.

  • rachelle dianne

    it is better to have an orange juice come from a fresh fruit of orange not in the processed orange juice it will surely have other ingredients that is mix with it,

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