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    Male or female pattern baldness are from the sae problem. Hair loss is often linked to poor diet, especially consumption of fried foods, hydrogenated oils and INFECTION (including bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic) that may be in the scalp itself (often causing dandruff) or it may be a systemic infection. It’s also linked to mineral deficiencies, intestinal infections (where waste products backup into the liver, that can affect the head and scalp. Mineral deficiencies can be caused by infections ANYWHERE in the body and a deficiency in co-factors that allow the body to even absorb what is consumed. Lack of sunlight, heavy metal exposure (especially due to bad dentistry that is rampant in the U.S. now due to the materials, chemicals, and procedures being followed as a "standard of care" dentistry), etc.

    If your hair is coming out in clumps, that is typically a parasite. Since it is "female" pattern baldness, that is typically due to dihydrotestosterone (a derivative of testosterone) "DHT" that hardens the galea (skin on top of the head) and chokes the hair follicle to death, resulting in hair loss.

    This type of hair loss can be slowed and even reversed by eating a high quality Oat Grass because the Oat Grass prevents the formation of the DHT.

    There is some genetic issues, but contrary to popular belief, it is very small. Most are due to the above factors.

    I found a great source for the Oat Grass in capsules that contain no excipients and works for most of my clients. Go to: (800) 370 – 3447 and order the Oat Grass and take lots of it. I think you will see a big difference. I would also get two other nutrients they sell. The Oat grass comes in a product they call "Greens Mix" and I get it in capsule for (they also sell it in powder, but most prefer the capsules). It is part of a 3 nutrient combination they call, "super food trio." I would get all three because this will give you most everything your body needs as a supplement each day and will only make you healthier.

    Also, if you are experiencing excess testosterone or a low estrogen issue, you may want to consider an endocrine issue that could be contributing to this problem. Sometimes, PCOS happens because the ovaries are enlarging due to deficiencies in fat. If you are on a LOW FAT diet, or LOW SALT diet, you need to free yourself from the lies you have been told about fat and salt that is rampant misinformation being spread by people, doctors, etc. that have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to nutrition.

    I strongly urge you to seek out a Certified Nutritional Therapist (not just a nutritionist) and have them test you for deficiencies. They can test you and tell you exactly what nutrients your body is lacking and help you with the correct supplements and quantities of that specific to you deficiency and also recommend diets that will make you healthy instead of that "make believe health" you get from drugs that ALWAYS damage your body in some way.

    good luck to you

  • Try using Nioxin Shampoo or something like it. I use it for fine hair and it works, my neighbor uses the one for balding and she loves it, but your doctor or a dermatologist, might be able to prescribe you a shampoo that may be stronger. I would ask. Also I heard, not sure if true, but stimulating the scalp often is supposed to help as well. Like massaging and the likes. Good Luck.

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    There are many natural remedies to prevent baldness. The important is to know the reasons for hair loss such as hormonal change, male pattern baldness, stress, medication, chemical, etc. Some of the remedies that you can use is green tea, aloe vera and saw palmetto. For more information, you can visit this blog.


    If you really want to use natural ramedies to prevent baldness, I suggest you to try John Kelby program. You can read the review here.

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