Sumptious Healthy Candies to make a ‘Memorable’ Day [YUM!]

Try some of Kelley Herring’s sumptious healthy candy recipes to make it a “Memorable” Day (and delicious too)

Your Guide to Healthy Homemade Indulgences

Healing Gourmet has used the latest advances in nutritional science to create good-for-you candies that are all natural, low glycemic, gluten free… and 100% delicious.

That means you no longer have to “say no” to the delicious taste of truffles, chocolates, pralines and toffee. And you don’t have to leave behind the sweet memories of your carefree childhood either.

Inside Carefree Candies, you will find 55 of
the most sumptuous candy recipes that won’t
spike your blood sugar or pack on the pounds!


You’ll even find dozens of candies that are “Paleo-Diet approved” and just as many that are vegan.

But this is a LOT more than a recipe book. You’ll also receive a valuable education about how to live a low-glycemic lifestyle.

And you’ll discover the tips, tools and shortcuts you need to make healthy versions of all your favorite indulgences.  YUM!!

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