Natural Remedy for Gallstones? PLEASE HELP!?

I am desperate for a natural remedy for gallstones. My doctor suspects I have them… I am very reluctant to do any kind of surgery and am praying to god this doesn’t get worse! So please, if anyone knows of a sure way to pass gallbladder stones without surgery, PLEASE tell me! But I need a for sure way that could help me… so serious only reply please! Thank you!


  • Here is a liver and gallstone cleanse that I have done several times and have had lots of success with it as well.

    Ingredients for Liver / Gallbladder Cleanse

    * 1 gallon of apple juice (freshly pressed organic). The malic acid in the apple juice helps to soften stones and dissolve stagnant bile that may be present. You can use distilled water or Wellness Water® instead of apple juice if you are allergic to apples or need to watch your sugar intake due to diabetes
    * 2 ounces (1 full bottle) of Livatrex™
    * 3 Tablespoons of Epsom salt
    * Organic ingredients for making the Liver/Gallbladder Soup
    * Organic Fruits for breakfast each morning
    * 8 oz. Organic Walnuts or 3 Organic Avocados with 1 Organic Lime or Lemon for the mid-afternoon snack on day 5. (Choose one or the other)
    * 6 oz. of Organic Olive Oil – Use Extra virgin high quality, cold-pressed for best results
    * 1 bottle of Oxy-Powder® & 1 bottle of Latero-Flora™
    * 1 bottle (8 ounces) of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (available at most health food stores or online)

  • Leslie and Kurt B

    Check out the Edgar Cayce site. You can use castor oil packs to break up stones so they can pass. It isnt hard to do. sells products also. I have never had stones, however I have done other therapies Cayce recommended with great success. He really was a guiness.

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