Natural remedies for decreased sex drive??

I am 48 and have not gone through menopause but am losing my sex drive more all the time. Are there any natural remedies for this? I don’t want to start taking hormones if possible!! I am happily married but my husband is starting to wonder if I’m "messing around" elsewhere. No way!!


  • lignebur72

    Low libido (low sexual desire), is a very common problem for many women after childbirth or for those on birth control. It can also happen to young women or women of all ages. The cause is usually a hormonal imbalance.

    There are many type of herbal supplements that can help you regain your libido. Horny Goat weed and Ginseng are good products, and there are also combination herbal supplments that work even better, I have heard that Boom is a real good one. The trick with herbal supplements is finding the right one that works best for you because it all depends on how your body reacts to it. It may take some time and money to find the right one and once you do, I would recommend sticking with it. Here is a link to a web site that sells all kinds of herbal supplments for low libido and orgasm pleasure.

  • Gregg H

    Drink Red Cat wine from Hazlitt. Its a fruity wine and will make you kinda "horny". Eating clams has been shown to increase sex drive. Try some exciting things? Maybe bring a toy to the bedroom 😉

  • I’m 36 and have been married for five years tomorrow. Our sex life took a turn for the worse awhile back. It happens maybe once a month. Alcohol used to help, while on coke and having an affair I was a sex aholic but don’t recommend either for obvious reasons. If there are any natural remedies or helpful hints I would like to hear them also. Have you tried any toys or adventurous techniques?

  • RobsVision

    These two products probably saved my marriage. I too, was thinking my wife was messing around, she just couldn’t keep up with my sex drive. First, we tried Stamina-RX for Women. It gave her a subtle increase in sex drive, and a very noticeable increase in orgasm.

    Then, we added SOMATOMAX. OMG!!! This gave us both a very euphoric high. It made me extremely horny and I lasted for hours. For her, SHE WAS OUT OF CONTROL! She totally lost her inhibitions. We did anal, DP (if you don’t know what this is, email me) and she experienced female ejaculation (squirting).

    A friend of mine tried this too. He and his wife went three nights in a row, 3-5 hours a sex romp! They took the fourth night off, just to get some sleep :)~

    We never want to be without this stuff.

  • jdbretagna

    I am only 24 so my advise might suck………but……..there have been times when my sex drive was gone and quite frankly i once saw an episode on dr.phil (dont laugh) and he said that the less you use it the more you lose it…..which was the truth, the more i did it even if i was "tired" the more i wanted to next time. Also a good glass of wine, or a night out with my loved one usually sparks my mojo. How bout this, dress up hot, go out on a night on the town and don’t forget the wine… thing you know it’s fun time.

  • barbara L

    I am a Doctor DNM (natural medicine) specializing in female issues.

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