Lower cholesterol?

I need some non-medical ways to lower cholesterol. I’m told my cholesterol is high but I don’t want to have to start taking medication for it. I need some ideas for live style changes.


  • Travlin' Grama

    My mother had very high cholesterol levels most of her life, so I have done a lot of research on things to help. (BTW – she is now 84 yr old and has never had any heart problems. Cholesterol is not the only factor is preventing strokes).

    Fats – eliminate trans-fats – all modified fats like margarine – these have been chemically altered, and release free radicals in your body causing damage to your arteries, which is where all the problems start.

    Add some fish oils or cod liver oil to your diet.
    Some other foods that lower cholesterol:
    Blueberries – lower the amount of cholesterol made by the liver
    Fruits & vegetables with fiber – fiber absorbs cholesterol in the intestines & keeps it from being absorbed.
    Chili peppers – contain capsaicin that reduce cholesterol & triglycerides
    Cucumber – skins contain sterols which lower cholesterol (Sterols prevent cholesterol from being absorbed in the intestines)
    Garlic – contains allicin – a blood thinner that protects the artery walls from free radical damage & helps the liver metabolize (get rid of) cholesterol
    Grapes and wine – contain resveratrol which lower cholesterol
    Green Tea – rich in catechines tha tlower cholesterol
    Apples, & the pulpy portion of grapefruit – contain pectin, a soluble fiber that lower cholesterol
    Wheat germ – contains Vit E (antioxidant) & lowers LDL cholesterol

    High fiber diets lower cholesterol because one of the main uses for cholesterol in the body is by the liver – it converts it to bile salts which binds with and eliminates fats in the body. Fiber binds to the bile salts and eliminates them – keeps them moving so the liver has to make more (and use up more cholesterol in the process).

    Some vitamins to consider:
    Vit A – needed for the conversion of cholesterol into sex hormones (progesterone which converts into testosterone & estrogen). Without Vit A, your body can’t use the cholesterol to make these hormones.
    Vit B-complex – used in the metabolism of fats
    Vit C – builds healthy blood vessels – high cholesterol is often associated with low Vit C intake

    Avoid Vit D – it tends to raise cholesterol levels. (Maybe because we use cholesterol in our skin – under the influence of sunlight – to make Vit D)

    Vit E – is a good antioxidant to keep your blood vessels healthy so you don’t have problems with cholesterol. Selenium works the same way

    Iodine (in kelp tablets) to improve your thyroid function. You need thyroid hormones to use and eliminate cholesterol, so if your thyroid is low, your cholesterol will be high.

    Hope this gives you something to think about. We only get a small amount of the cholesterol in our bodies from our diet. I watched my mom cut out most meat and cheese, eggs, from her diet for many, many years, with almost no improvement in her cholesterol level. I just don’t think that’s the way to do.

  • peter b

    try oatmeal .fish .chicken.and lots of pepers i use to be a 6.0 then i 11 weeks i was a 3,1 i serprzed my doctor.

  • A Person

    Don’t eat unhealthy foods or eggs or anything. Try eating healthy, excercise more and find foods without cholesterol.

  • anne.painter

    Cut down on fatty foods. Only drink or use low fat milk, eat cholesterol lowering spreads instead of butter, eat plenty of chicken, fruit, brown bread, fish, almonds. I hope that all of this is a help to you. I had high cholesterol over one year ago and I ate all the healthy stuff and now I am glad to say that it is down to 3. Good luck.

  • hdf69

    Cheerios’s,oatmeal,niacin in large doses.

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