Is the cholesterol in chicken liver bad?

apparently, 1 oz. of chicken liver contains 53% cholesterol. i tried searching more but couldn’t find anything. Is that specific type of cholesterol the bad kind or the good kind? if it is bad, is it still okay to eat some if you have high cholesterol or too risky?


  • Carl Peterson

    This is consider very high cholesterol.Finding out how to lower cholesterol is really a crucial component in avoiding any form of heart issues that may trouble you in the future.Eating oatmeal and barn is really an excellent way to commence a day. Study shows that a half cup of this can lower cholesterol by 5%. Try to eliminate body fat and limit intake of good fats and if possible, stop eating butter given that it is made up of seven grams of fat for each and every serving. More cholesterol info at

  • Jim 06460389

    I would suggest anyone with cholesterol issues should forgo any foods HIGH in cholesterol.. IF you eat it its only going to make things worse.. if you did the right thing One Could easily be able to eat whatever they wanted I just had my own cholesterol checked and I’m very glad to say its more Normal then its been in years… I would expect the particular cholesterol in a animal Liver is going to be BAD organs Filter gunk…. and Chickens eat Crap.. etc etc,, lol

  • It is the bad kind, but 53% of the RDA is not too bad.

    Here is a list of other high cholesterol foods to avoid:

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