does allied health care have to do any thing with obgyn?

my high school offers different types of health care programs to start you off into the health care profession.
it says in the description of this class that its an introduction into the allied health field.
when i get older i want to be an obgyn or a obstetric nurses.

what i want to know is does obgyn n obstetric nurse have to do with the allied health field?

i also want to know what courses should i take in college to become 1 of these

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  • MissA

    Allied health care, at least in the US, means everything EXCEPT dentistry, nursing, medicine, podiatry, and pharmacy. So if you are hoping to go into OB medicine, it’s probably not particularly helpful, although since it’s just HS-level it might be good to try it and get a better idea of how our health systems are run.

    If you want to go to become a doctor, you have to attend med school after college. In your undergrad degree you need to take chemistry (general and o-chem), biology, physics, and usually some other classes like anatomy. Most large universities have a "Pre-Med" degree that you can get which specifically is tailored for people wanting to be doctors, but it’s totally possible to get in with a different degree, as long as you have all the right classes. You also have to take an exam called the MCAT to get into med school, which is similar to the SATs except, obviously, a lot harder and more specific.

    To go into nursing, you mostly would go to a college with an actual nursing program… while you can do postgraduate nursing work, a BA or AA can get you in the door for work as an RN.

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