can drinking too much water at once kill brain cells?

if it does kill brain cells how much do you have to drink at once do you have to drink

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  • Water:

    People who drink too little water may suffer from headaches and poor concentration.
    But surprisingly, it is possible – although difficult – to drink too much water.
    If a lot of water is taken in a very short time, it can cause short-lived symptoms which are similar to those of being drunk.

    We need water for digestion and the elimination of waste products.
    It acts as a lubricant for joints and eyes, and is essential for the regulation of body temperature.
    Both drink and food supply water.
    The total intake from drink – including tea, coffee or juices – plus around 300ml (1/2 pints) of water which is obtained as a by–product of metabolism, provides roughly 2 litres (3 1/2 pints) a day, while food – especially fruit and vegetables – supplies a further litre (1 3/4 pints).
    this makes a total of around 3 litres (5 1/4 pints) of water each day for the average adult.

    Fluid Balance: To function properly the body must maintain a healthy level of fluid.
    Normally, the balance remains fairly constant no matter how much fluid someone drinks.
    Electrolytes help to regulate it, and the kidneys also play their part by adjusting the water content of the urine.
    Illness can upset the body’s fluid balance; diarrhoea can cause excessive fluid loss leading to dehydration, while in oedema, or dropsy, too much fluid is retained in the tissues, causing either local or general swelling.

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