What is Sarah Summers Natural Cure For Yeast Infection?


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    Complete Relief from Yeast Infection in HOURS.

    Safe, 100% Natural and Drug Free.

    "At Last Infections can be eliminated FAST and For Good"
    Cure Your Yeast Infection, Guaranteed

    Sarah Summer

    March , 2008
    #670, 286 Main Street
    Exeter, Ontario
    f you are looking for an FAST, Safe, Effective and All-Natural Cure for Yeast Infection.

    Then this is likely the most important report you will ever read.

    Dear Internet Friend

    Hello my name is Sarah Summer, I am a Health Researcher and the Editor of the medical publication, http://www.The-Web-Doctor.info

    I am also a former yeast infection sufferer and know first hand how yeast infections can disrupt a persons life.

    Over the next few minutes I want to share with You valuable information you can use to cure your yeast infection.

    I want to share with you something NEW and IMPORTANT that I have DISCOVERED .

    There are Two Important Truths

    1….There are VERY FEW All-Natural treatments for yeast infection that are safe and effective.

    2….And there are HUNDREDS of dangerous drugs and internet remedies.

    Be Warned; there is some Good and some Very Bad advice on the Internet. Some internet remedies recommend using Boric acid. This toxic substance is a poison and has caused deaths. It has no place in anyone’s home much less inside you!

    I will Honestly explain what works, what is safe and what is effective in treating yeast infection. And I will point out the dangers of other recommended treatments.

    GOOD Advice is hard to find, but look for some one who has done their research, can prove it and will stand by their recommendations. The good news is you have found it!

    I can tell you honestly that there is a Safe and Effective, All-Natural way to treat yeast infection. I will show you how to SAFELY and permanently rid yourself of yeast infection without drugs.

    Ask Yourself These Questions

    Do you want to Cure your yeast infection ?
    Do you want to know Why you Keep getting yeast infections?
    Do you want to Stop Painful Infections that always seem to happen at the worst possible time!
    Do you wonder "could I have a yeast infection" ?
    Do you wonder if you could have a chronic yeast infection?
    Do you want to stop the burning, nonstop itching, painful urination or vaginal discharge?
    Did you used to feel healthy, and want to regain that feeling again?
    Do you have rashes, on your skin, penis, or on your hands?
    Do you ever find you just seem to lack energy and can’t explain why?
    Do you ever have unusual symptoms that you can’t explain?
    Do you ever have problems with your appetite or food cravings?

    Do you ever…… "Just not feel like yourself"……And can’t explain why?

    There is HELP !!!

    If you answered YES to any of the questions then I can help you. Did you know these could be symptoms of a yeast infection?

    If you are SUFFERING from any of these symptoms….take heart, there is a safe way to rid yourself from these problems. I am going to show you how you can break free from them. I’m here to help you get back your good health and the life you deserve!

    Typical Yeast Infection Symptoms

    Symptoms of Yeast Infection, Candida, Thrush

    •Painful Sex or Sexual dysfunction •Vaginal Odor •Premature Aging •Vaginal Discharge •Arthritis •Depression •Chronic Rashes •Tiredness or Fatigue •Poor Memory •Irritability •Joint Pain or Swelling •PMS •Feeling Rundown •Digestive pain •Muscle Aches •Short attention span •Hand pain •Hip and Knee Pain •Headaches •Acne •Respiratory Infections •Memory loss •Lowered Immune System •Lowered Self Esteem •Skin problems •Impotence •Gas •Hand pain •Depression •White Vaginal Discharge •Hypoglycemia •Menstrual Pain •Urinary disorders •Skin Lesion•Shortness of Breath •Food allergies •Learning and Memory problems

    Yeast Infection Symptoms Change

    Strange Yeast infection symptoms occur.They vary from person to person. And with one person the symptoms can change from day to day. These symptoms may vary based on the person’s general health or genetic makeup. This is the one of the reasons that there are so many different symptoms.

    75% of the population, it has been estimated, suffer from some sort of yeast infection at some time in their life.

    To treat yeast infection you have to treat what caused the infection in the first place. The root cause. Everyone knows what a flare up of vaginal yeast infection or diaper rash is. You get some medicine and it clears up, right?

    But did you REALLY cure the infection or did you just treat the symptoms?

    Chronic Yeast Infection

    You treated the symptoms in most cases and the yeast infection is still there. Unless you treated the root cause of the yeast infection you have not solved the problem.


    YES IT IS!!!

    There will still be a low level of the yeast cells present… just waiting until conditions are right for another Flare-up.

    Most people don’t know what a chronic yeast infection is or the damage it can do. Many people become so accustomed to their symptoms they think their symptoms are simply just part of growing older or part of their lives.

    The Good News (finally!)
    It is a simple fact that yeast, thrush, and Candida can be cured permanently. Once and for all completely eliminated. You can treat the root cause of yeast infection. And you can do this easily and safely in the privacy of your home. Even if your doctor may have told you differently!

    Hard to believe, isn’t it?

    Since natural cures can not be patented by drug companies. These natural cures are not profitable for them. They do not spend money researching them and do not promote them. Drug companies are required by law to make a profit, and are not required by law to make drugs that help people. This shocking fact is not common knowledge.

    The Big, Fat Lie

    Think about it for a minute and decide your self……. Western medicine, Television, our doctors, magazines….every where we look….conditions us to believe that repeated doses of this drug or that antibiotic or this medication can cure all our ills.

    "You will feel better as long as you keep taking the drug". The drug companies want you to keep using their products. Over and over again. Do you really think they want to CURE YOU ….Or keep you coming back for more?

    Many of the treatments they offer are Band-Aids, masking symptoms, while the real problem is never addressed. Think VIOXX to treat arthritis. Premarin to treat menopausal symptoms. Insulin might be wonderful…..but it treats high blood sugar not the underlying cause of diabetes!!!!

    Did you Know there is something called "The Edmonton Protocol" that transplants Islet cells in the liver. It has been sucessfull in curing diabetes. There has been NO DRUG COMPANY FUNDING.

    It is CRAZY!!!

    Drugs, Drugs….DRUGS, they simply do not treat the root cause of the yeast infection. They mask the symptoms for a while. The yeast becomes Drug Resistant to the treatment and the infection comes back even worse than before, more pain, more suffering and more drugs.

    …Well having thought about it for a minute.. What do you think?

    1…..This is a good and rational plan for my health.

    2…..THIS IS CRAZY!

    The Simple Truth

    Yeast infections of all kinds, have plagued humans throughout history. Long before the drug companies came along, people had yeast infections and had been treating them. Some how in the past people have been cured. That’s what I set out to discover.

    How did people treat yeast infections before Drug Companies?

    I set out to discover a simple, safe but very effective, treatment for yeast infection that is All-Natural. Not only did I want to treat the yeast infection.I wanted to eliminate the root cause.

    Of course I didn’t know if it was possible to discover this. But I set to work anyway and I can truthfully report I have "REDISCOVERED" those SECRETS.

    I can promise you that you can have complete relief from your yeast infection in a few hours. For just few pennies and using no Drugs In an All-Natural way.

    The Rest of My Story

    Dear Friend

    As I said earlier I was a former yeast infection sufferer. I want to tell you a truthful, if not slightly embarrassing, story. I was plagued with yeast infections for years. Occasional flare ups, trips to the doctor, prescription medications, hours of misery.

    I would get burning, itching, vaginal discharge, painful urination and pain during sexual intercourse. Sound familiar?

    My recurring yeast infection came back with a torturous vengeance. That was about three years ago. I was in extreme discomfort and visited my doctor. She confirmed what I already knew, but she told me this time it was different.

    "This Is a Serious Yeast Infection" my doctor said. The serious form of yeast infection occurs when the yeast actually turns into a mold form and sends out tentacles called hyphae, or roots, into the skin. Not only is it difficult to treat.

    My doctor said "It was Impossible to Cure". Further, she said that all the previous treatments we’d tried, merely controlled the symptoms, the infamous Band-Aid therapy. Now it was a serious, very serious, situation.

    Frustrated and with limited options. I turned to my husband Robert, who is also a medical researcher, for help. Together we explored every known treatment for yeast infection.

    Robert and I spent thousands of dollars and purchased every internet remedy we could find.
    We collected hundreds of medical documents about yeast infections.
    We spoke to infectious disease experts, researched yeast infections, Candida, thrush, and mysterious rashes.
    I "lived" in the medical library.

  • Devon

    Most cases (85–90%), bad breath originates in the mouth, sinus and throat. The intensity of bad breath differs during the day, due to eating certain foods (such as garlic, onions, meat, fish, and cheese), obesity, smoking, and alcohol consumption. Since the mouth is exposed to less oxygen and is inactive during the night, the odor is usually worse upon awakening ("morning breath"). Bad breath may be transient, often disappearing following eating, brushing one’s teeth, flossing, or rinsing with mouthwash.
    1, Tongue, A common location is the tongue. Tongue bacteria produce malodorous compounds and fatty acids, and account for 60 to 70% of all cases of mouth-related bad breath. Methods used against bad breath, such as mints, mouth sprays, mouthwash or gum, only temporarily mask the odors created by the bacteria on the tongue, but cannot cure bad breath because they do not remove the source of the bad breath.
    Cleaning the tongue – Many companies promote tongue scrapers as a bad breath cure however the bacteria on the tongue can’t be removed with a scraper or brush as they live between the taste buds. Use a tongue scrapper to reduce the food source for bacteria but don’t expect it to cure bad breath. The method of stopping bad breath from the tongue involves rebalancing the bacteria load. Once tongue bacteria are in balance bad breath will cease. For this complex procedure you’ll need to consult Oraltech Labs program at http://www.oraltech.com.au
    2. Mouth, There are over 600 types of bacteria found in the average mouth. Other parts of the mouth may also contribute to the overall odor, but are not as common as the back of the tongue. These locations are, in order of descending prevalence: inter-dental and sub-gingival niches, faulty dental work, food-impaction areas in between the teeth, abscesses, and unclean dentures. To fix you will need a dentist to examine your teeth and repair any faults found. Or use Oraltech Labs Unusual Causes Of Bad Breath.
    3. Gum disease, advanced periodontal disease is a common cause. Waste products from the anaerobic bacteria growing below the gum line (sub gingival) have a foul smell and have been clinically demonstrated to produce a very intense bad breath. To fix remove the tartar or hard plaque and friable tissue with a soft bristle tooth brush angled on the gum line. This has been shown to improve mouth odor considerably.
    4. Nose, in this occurrence, the air exiting the nostrils has a pungent odor that differs from the oral odor. Nasal odor may be due to sinus infections, foreign bodies & commonly Post Nasal Drip. To fix this you will need to flush your sinuses with salt water. It’s very difficult. Use Oraltech Labs program to properly clear all sinus cavities.
    5. Tonsils small bits of calcified matter in tonsillar crypts called tonsilloliths that smell extremely foul when released and can cause bad breath. To fix use warm to hot salt water mix to break the stones down or use a water pic to dislodge them. This topic is covered in depth in the Oraltech Labs Program.
    6. Stomach, very uncommon source of bad breath. The esophagus is a closed and collapsed tube, and continuous flow (as opposed to a simple burp) of gas or putrid substances from the stomach indicates a health problem—such as reflux serious enough to be bringing up stomach contents or a fistula between the stomach and the esophagus. To fix use Oraltech Labs program to cure bad breath caused by GERD & Acid Reflux.
    1. Gently clean the tongue surface twice daily; that can be achieved using a tooth brush, tongue cleaner or tongue brush/scraper to wipe off the bacterial biofilm, debris, and mucus. Scraping or otherwise damaging the tongue should be avoided, and scraping of the V-shaped row of taste buds found at the extreme back of the tongue should also be avoided. Brushing a small amount of antibacterial mouth rinse or tongue gel onto the tongue surface will further inhibit bacterial action.
    2. Eating a healthy breakfast with rough foods helps clean the very back of the tongue.
    3. Chewing gum: Since dry-mouth can increase bacterial build-up and cause or worsen bad breath, chewing sugarless gum can help with the production of saliva, and thereby help to reduce bad breath. Chewing may help particularly when the mouth is dry, or when one cannot perform oral hygiene procedures after meals.
    4. Gargling right before bedtime with an effective mouthwash.
    5. Maintaining proper oral hygiene, including daily tongue cleaning, brushing, flossing, and periodic visits to dentists and hygienists. Flossing is particularly important in removing rotting food debris and bacterial plaque from between the teeth, especially at the gum line.
    If none of the above works for you just use the Oraltech Program by visiting – http://www.oraltechlabs.ph
    To Your good health, Dr Devon, M.D, D.D.S
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  • I treated yeast permanently by applying the new treatment. You want to get rid of yeast infections quickly and finally say goodbye to yeast forever. Discover the new treatment

    It’s so natural, simple, fast and easy but not expensive! I think it will help you, too
    If you practice good genital hygiene, you can help prevent infection.
    •Keep your vaginal area clean. Use mild, unscented soap and water. Rinse well.
    •After using the toilet, wipe from front to back to avoid spreading yeast or bacteria from your anus to the vagina or urinary tract.
    •Wear underwear that helps keep your genital area dry and doesn?t hold in warmth and moisture. One good choice is cotton underwear.
    •Avoid tight-fitting clothing, such as panty hose, and tight-fitting jeans. These may increase body heat and moisture in your genital area.
    •Change out of a wet swimsuit right away. Wearing a wet swimsuit for many hours may keep your genital area warm and moist.
    •Change pads or tampons often.
    •Don?t douche or use deodorant tampons or feminine sprays, powders, or perfumes. These items can change the normal balance of organisms in your vagina.

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